About Me

I am an LHSA member, a street photographer, a Leica Collector.

People once said, if you are lucky,  you should be working on something you are interested in, you are good at and the community needs. I believe that’s what I am doing here. I am an engineer, who happens to love street photography. That’s why I am enthusiastic about rangefinder cameras. I set up this site not as a career, but for testing out different rangefinder camera when I am still have time (I meant, I have time holding my camera, not my kid. And as Bruce Gilden said, I take them as my kids). I am not thinking of making money out of it, but making friends. Street photography is an underappreciated art form, chances are only photographers themselves know what they are doing. If you are lucky enough, you might get another “creepy” one around you understands it.

Besides this, I am fascinating in Leica M series cameras. The first time I saw the database about Leica M serial numbers their corresponding information, I was shocked, to most other products, a serial number means really nothing to a collector, because they have no life, no story to tell. But Leica is different, a Leica M3 might have been serving the community for half a century. It’s might have been used for many photographers. Here is an anecdote when I was once inquiring a Leica M5. I asked the seller whether he’s the original owner of the camera. He replied to me that the camera had been used for several decades, that he believed that most original owners might not be alive any more. How amazing it was. Not really many things has a life, not even some people, but Leica has.

Another thing that amazes me is many a time I heard some people said that the camera belongs to his father, or grandfather. Thus I started to collect Leica. By the day I am too weak to take photos, I do not only want to hand over them my collection of Leica, but my connection with the community. I don’t know when that day comes, whether I would only have you, the current reader to be my pal, or a whole bunch of people who shares the same interest with me to be my children’s model who look up to, to be my children’s Godfather to be guided by. But I have faith that, there is something more than the optically and mechanically aesthetic value that I can pass to my offspring.

It’s fine if you don’t find the thing you need here, you can still share me some stories here about rangefinder cameras, about street photography. I would like to share them with more people, and with my children in the further.

Feel free to contact me for anything related to street photography or rangefinder cameras. Thank you!

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