The source of 35mm film

May 20, 2013

Viewfinder Vol19-4

Oskar Barnack:

“Well, when I changed employment in 1911 (at age 31) and came to Leitz Wetzlar, my activities included designs for cine photography and it soon occured to me that cine film might contain the answer to my problem because its grain size was much smaller.” An enlargement to postcard size, using cine film, appeared acceptable. But no! “I had become more critical; enlargements to formats 13 x 18 cm or even 18 x 24 cm seemed desirable in order for the photograph to appear more natural and vivid (life-like). “

“The cine format (18 x 24 mm) was simply too small for that, but it had become an international standard and I decided on doubling its width to 24 mm x 36 mm — and the Leica format was born.”



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