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Leica M5

June 2, 2013

Most people don’t like Leica M5 or CL.  But I find that their light meter is much better than other M’s — for it’s self-explanatory and convenience. The first time that I used a Leica M with TTL light meter. I had to look through the manual to understand the little triangle. But the first time I hold a M5 or CL, I understood it’s a lightmeter and whether it’s under or over exposed. Though they were the very first two Leica M’s (or derives if CL doesn’t count as M), they align closer to the modern lightmeter on DSLR in a good way (yes, we shouldn’t define what is good in DSLR standard).

Another thing I like M5 over other M’s is its shutter speed dial. It’s very easy to dial without moving your eye aways from the viewfinder. It’s convenient when you realize it’s under or over exposed and you would like to do a quick adjustment on the shutter speed.

As for the size, well. I don’t really think people unfavor  of them because it’s oversized. It’s more about detour aways from the standard. Unfortunately, enough though Leica has been trying to build a piece of fine art or fine jewelry, trying to build it creatively. The collectors don’t really appreciate that. How many of them really appreciate the M rangefinder cameras besides it’s brand? So if the brand of Leica M itself makes all this wonder, why should a deviant succeed? No.

I personally feel that M3 is more for collection, M4 is a very nice M without lightmeter, M5 is good for fast shooting with TTL, M6 is modern M with TTL.