Buy Back and Donation

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I understand not all people have time or energy to take care of old cameras inherited from their ancestors. And you gotta admit that it’s just a pity to throw those great history away just because of that. Thus I am here offering to buy back your old cameras.

Here is what I am interested in?

  1. Rangefinder cameras and lenses 
  2. Vintage wood box cameras

If you are not familiar with cameras, simply follow these

  1. metal made camera
  2. film camera
  3. no digital camera

How does buy-back works?

  1. You send us photos of your cameras. 
  2. We appraise it for a price range. If you agree to the range, you send in you camera.
  3. We do another appraisal with the actual camera for the final price. If you agree, we pay for the camera; otherwise we ship back your camera at our cost.

How does donation works?

  1. You send us your camera. 
  2. Once receiving, we check whether we want to collect it. If yes, we donate the amount to your designated charity. Otherwise we donate the camera to a charity.

Reach us out for more detail.

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